Neil Camenker ‘s Passion for Life

29 May

What can be said about Neil Camenker that hasn’t already been said? Quite a lot, actually. While those who know him think of him as the young businessman who put chain beeper stores on the map in 10 states, not many people know that Neil works not only as a consultant to fledgling small businesses or that he is the CEO of a company that provides cash advances to businesses with no strings attached, but that he is also a master of trading currencies. His primary focus is on the Euro dollar and the Sterling Pound.

As a Forex expert, one of the things about Neil Camenker that makes him a strong trader is his ability to absorb risk. Trading on the currency market is all about leverage and risk, predicting possible currency moves, and being willing to take small losses in order to make big profits. Some of the basic principles almost every currency trader uses involves analyzing charts that show the movement of trades during a variety of time periods. This analysis is the basis on which traders make their decisions about whether to buy a trade (such as the Euro/Sterling) or sell it. One can profit in both directions, therefore constructing a box around activity is usually the preferred method.

Although he has not revealed his successful, proprietary method of making money trading the Euro/Sterling pair, one of the things everyone knows about Neil Camenker is that he definitely knows about trading inside the box as well as outside the box. The box is created on a chart usually using a longer time period, such as a day, to mark the highs and lows of activity. Usually, volume drops at a certain point on a chart and picks up at a certain point, but will break out of the pattern when the big banks and financial institutions get involved, moving volume rapidly. Individual day and swing traders like Neil Camenker ride on the coat-tails on the big trades when high volumes push the trades up or down the chart.

Given this, one might speculate as to whether Camenker trades inside the box with a lot of short buys and sells, before breakout, which would mean a lot of buying and selling throughout the day, or if he waits for breakout and follows the money. Some traders do both and are able to make a fair profit.

In any case, profiting from Forex takes patience, fortitude, guts, and a willingness to stare uncertainty in the face without flinching. Camenker has all these qualities, all that it takes to be successful.

Neil Camenker is a successful entrepreneur, sports enthusiast and FOREX trader who focuses primarily on trading the US dollar and the British sterling pound. He is also the CEO of Paypoint USA, a merchant fund for small or medium businesses who are looking for an alternative way to finance capital for growth and development. To learn more about Neil Camenker, visit